Mail from the command line

I was wondering how to read system mail from the command line, when I type mail, I get /home/[username]/Maildir is a directory message.

Thanks, Mark

I really like to use pine, and some like mutt. Both are available from the command line. Both are available on DreamHost. :wink:


Thanks rlparker, I was actually referring to system mail, like the stuff generated from your cron job.

Ah! Sorry about that. I just misunderstood what you wanted (though in looking back at your message, you were very clear) I really don’t know the best way to approach that. Hopefully, some wizard will come along and educate us both. :slight_smile:


Hey I just asked support, and they said that you can use mutt and pine (just like you said). I tried it and it works great, just logged in as my main user, and hit mutt. Boom … and I can read all my cron messages, etc.

Good deal! I’m glad you found what you need. I knew you could use pine and/or mutt for reading your mail (and cron related email is still email), but after reading your initial response I thought you were wanting something you could automate from the command line- and I don’t know how to do that.

At any rate, as long as you have a solution that works for you, then I am happy! :wink: