Mail from shell has stopped




Last week I wrote a small script to email my log files on a weekly basis.

I scheduled it to run on Fridays and the first run worked great.

Since then, nothing.

I thought that it must have been my keyword filter messing up the redirection to my log folder, so I deleted that.

I am using mutt, perhaps this has been disabled?

The command I am trying to use is
mutt -s “Logs” -a logfilename my@email.address < /dev/null

Any Ideas


You should check the E-mail for the user who’s running that script, and see if there’s any error messages. If you want error messages from cron sent out to a different address, then put this at the top of your cron file:


Hopefully you can figure out what’s gone wrong by the error messages you’re getting. If not then post back.