Mail Forwarding


I’d like to set up a couple of e-mail addresses for our domain and have all incoming messages to those boxes forward to the correct people at other addresses. (For instance, a message coming in to "" would actually go out to a guy named Joe at his own address at "")

BUT… I’m getting a message back saying that DreamHost won’t forward messages to any “” address. (I got it to work to a “” address, but haven’t tried others. I suppose I could set up a complicated mail-forwarding relay, but that’s kind of a pain.)

Why not support mail-forwarding to a comcast address? Is there a way to correct this?


There is a long and ugly history behind that decision, and the “short version” is that comcast’s “brain dead” handling of forwarded mail and their draconian blacklisting polices,and the implications of that to those using DreamHost’s mailservers, made it necessary to keep DH’s servers off the blacklists.

Searching these forums, or the net in general via Google, will provide you with plenty of background on that issue as it relates to “comcrap”,and there is “official” DreamHost discussion of Comcast mail issues in their status blog (click the linked titles of the articles there to read the full article), with the most recent situation being explained in this post:

As for there bing “any way to correct this”, I can’t think of one, unless enough people refuse to do business with comcast, because of interference with their email, to make them feel some financial pain (and I doubt that is gonna happen on our lifetimes). :wink:



One way would be to have Google handle your domain mail and setup forwarders there.

Messy. Blame Comcast.

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My problem is after having created the user account.

How do I log the name of the new user into GMAIL?
This is really nebulous.
I have done 4 GMAIL account in 4 hours but can NOT find the logic in this.

Anyone with an logic way to do this?


That’s a different situation altogether than what was being discussed in this thread. It’s not clear from your post whether you are talking about Gmail or Google mail for your domains (google apps) - theswe are different beasts!

Maybe if you you share a few more details of your situation, and what you are trying to do, in a new thread, someone can figure out how to help you better . :slight_smile: