Mail filters suddenly stopped forwarding as an option

I was using mail filters to search for email from specific senders or had specific subjects then would forward them to an sms gateway or other email service which had a push notification for my phone. This feature was suddenly deleted and the documentation was updated yesterday apparently to reflect the removal of forwarding a copy of an email to an external account.

Without this feature I no longer have the ability to be notified by a text message when an important email arrives. I understand that forwarding emails can be problematic for sender reputation but I would wish you would implement some type of permitted email recipients rather than removing this ability entirely.


forwarding should come back soon! i made another message with the same topic. I included two scenario’s where forwarding is necessary for me. Silently removing forwarding email is not something a provider should do. Make it work again. Soon!

Which mail service are you using right now?

Dreamhost has taken the stance they do not care about their customers.

They removed e-mail forwarding last year.

This year they removed mail filters used to mail forward.

They are removing functionality and leaving their customers to figure out solutions on their own.

Unfortunately, all this is doing is forcing me to look elsewhere for entire hosting solutions. I’m sad to say that Dreamhost has really gone downhill in the last few years.

They do not care about us and they are not looking to re-enable mail forwards.

Hosted email is vanishing from most hosting companies. This is the reality. Learn to adapt.