Mail filters & regex?

Anybody know if any regex operators at all are recognized by the mail filters?

I have a situation where I have a catch-all (save me the lectures please DH) so can’t use SPAM tools, however my real spam problem is on a non-catch-all account.

Some d-bag has gotten a hold of a real email address and keeps hitting it from what I assume are botnets all over the place. There are some consistencies so I could put a filter in to grab them, but seems like regex isn’t used for email filters? Can anybody confirm?

As an aside: I can tell you right now the old ‘no spam control for catch-all’ rule is totally stupid and erroneous because I get almost NO spam at all coming in to random catch-all email addresses, the way that DH claims will be the case - all my spam is with real email addresses I’ve sent out already. Basically I think spammers have learned not to spam domains too heavily to made up addresses because they’ll be recognized too quickly, so they seem to be focusing on confirmed emails they’ve stolen elsewhere… Would be great if DH would lift that rule but doubt that will happen, you know, cuz it’d actually be too helpful.

Well after playing around at some point I got error syntax messages implying regex should work fine… however no header filters seem to work at all… started another thread.