Mail filters don't seem to work at all?

So I had another thread asking about regex, but after some testing it seems to me that mail filters looking in headers do not work at all, period.

After trying a half dozen other things that didn’t work, I put a test filter in to the effect “if headers contain ‘mydomain’ add TESTTEST to subject and stop”.

This should match ALL my emails obviously, and put that prefix on every email I receive for a while, but it does absolutely nothing. Emails just come through completely untouched.

Are mail filters completely unfunctional? Is this completely broken?

I am thinking they are. I also have noticed that spam filters seem to be nonfunctional. I’ve not had a single message flagged as spam since the change to Atmail.

Sorry I should have updated this post. It was a REGEX problem. I finally put in a ticket and support was helpful and pointed me in the right direction.

Basically my problem was - if you don’t prefix your search with a regex “.” then it won’t find anything unless it’s at the start of a line (i.e. it’s line-by-line matching). I couldn’t tell if it was real rules regex or something simpler more friendly to the non-Unix-sysadmin, but it’s not - its full featured regex for all the pros and cons there.

After fiddling I now have my search working fine, but be aware it’s a tricky one. BTW from the description on that page it does seem to imply the regex “.” issue only applies to the Header searches, so maybe it works as a ‘user friendly syntax’ unless you’re using headers…

I wish you could find your awnser in this topic:
There is too much problems with atmail and spam filters.

thank you for following up with the solution on the forum, glad to read that Support was able to solve the issue.