Mail down

My site is

I seem to be unable to access my mail, either through Mac Mail (which was working fine yesterday), or through Squirrel Mail. Both say my password is invalid.

What should I do? Reset my password?

If your mailserver is homiemail-sub5 (like me) then it’s down:

Yes, that is definitely my server. Thanks for the heads up. How did you arrive at that announcement? Is there a particular site I should check for future reference to figure out if my server is down?
Ah, found it:

I sent in a ticket via Panel, then went to do something else and a notification appeared up top.

Critical Announcement! Please Read! blah blah blah email server down blah blah etc.

You can always check to see the current status reports :slight_smile: But we do our best to put up notices in your panel right away.