Mail down

Anyone else finding that they cannot pick up mail? POP3 is refusing connections for all my mailboxes.

I’d tell you the server name, but since the panel names one server (murdock) yet my Maildir is on another (crack), GOK which it is. Can someone clarify this?

I also cannot receive mail. I’m on the murdock server for mail. The message we receive in outlook says the connection was interrupted. No settings have changed on our side. I can log onto webmail fine.

[quote]I can log onto webmail fine.


Useful to know! Could save my bacon. Thanks.

Now POP3 is up again.

My mail is down right now (can’t receive, password rejected) for the second time today. It was working inbetween. It was down briefly yesterday too.

What a bummer!

My server is also murdock, by the way.

I can receive on murdock, but it is blistering slow even where there is no mail. I couldn’t receive on Friday at all. Haven’t tried to send yet, but also I am on Murdock.

I just got a phone call from a client who said that they have been having problems since friday, off and on…they too are on murdock.

My sport email has been fine.

I can’t receive mail again today. I’m sure it will be back up in an hour or so.

Maybe I should ask DH to move me to a mail server that works.