Mail down on hillhurst


i havent been able to get mail for any of my domains for the past 5 hours.

i am a new dreamhost customer, and this is not a good start.



Have you submitted a report to support? The support system first checks for a widespread problem, and you can then submit a specific ticket for your situation.



yes i have. several times in fact.

the mail has now been down down for 14 HOURS. business hours start on the east coast soon and i really need my mail to be working again.

FYI-- when i telnet to the imap port i get bounced off instantly, and the webmail client doesnt work either.

what do i do here? i am getting desperate.



Why are you connecting to hillhurst? I always connect to

Have you tried webmail? (



i am not trying to connect to hillhurst.

i am just trying to use imaps to get my mail, and what i have been trying to convey for the last 17 HOURS is that
i am not able to log into my imaps account on

it appears that the smtp server is running as i can send mail.

PLEASE do something about this now.


ps --i am not trying to be a jerk, but this is maddening.


I don’t work here. I’m just trying to be nice.

You mentioned hillhurst, so I was just trying to figure out why.

Did you try the webmail thing?