is down?

It looks like there is trouble with mail again- this time just trying to get through to the server. Anyone else having trouble with this?

My psychic powers aren’t working quite right this morning…

Oh wow, will, that was really not helpful.


Perhaps a somewhat sarcastic way of putting it.

To expand on that… if you (i.e., the OP; not you, Bob) don’t tell us what your domain is, or what server(s) you’re seeing problems with and what particular type of problem you’re having with mail (can’t send outgoing mail, can’t retrieve mail, webmail isn’t working), and whether the problem is intermittent or chronic, it’s unlikely that we’re going to be able to figure it out. If you don’t want to give that information out here, probably better to write support.

We have three different logical “clusters” of mail machines, each of which consists of 2-6 physical machines at any given time. So it’s not a safe bet that other people on the forum are necessarily on the same machine.

There have been a couple of weird problems recently, most having to do with outgoing SMTP (authentication problems). I haven’t been keeping a close eye on it, but I haven’t noticed or heard about any specific problems with mail today, so if you (the OP) are still having problems, write support.

[quote]Quick, get will another latte. :>


Heck… I’d be happy with a first latté. Or lunch.

Good luck finding a latté near DH hq, though, especially a SOY one.

Seriously, though, if I seem grumpy it’s because I forgot my lunch today.