Mail disk space


of yours are within 10% of their disk space limit:<<<

I am getting this notification for one of my mailboxes, and am trying to figure out how to delete the accumulated mail files. I use qmail/procmail to obtain my mail, but there must be another copy of the mail being stored somewhere. I went into webmail and deleted everything in the inbox, yet the system still thinks this account is using space. What’s the way to get rid of the files short of going into the control panel and deleting that mail account?

You can always check the Maildir in your home directory using the shell, which may have stuff in it (sent mail, etc.) I’m assuming you also checked all the other folders in webmail (and "purged the trash) :wink:

It could also be that you have deleted everything as of now, but the disk status is not yet showing it (those figures are only updated once per day - it may not show the results of your deletes until tomorrow).


I wonder if .snapshot space counts against your quota? Maybe delete stuff there too?

Or you could increase the limit in the panel.

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Go to squirrelmail at

log in

At the left you will see:

Last Refresh:
Thu, 8:05 am
(Check mail)

  • INBOX (370)
    Trash (Purge)
    Show Notify Popup

In old-messages are more likely the messages you need to delete

If you don’t see the folder old-messages

At the top you will see

Current Folder: INBOX Sign Out
Compose Addresses Folders Options Search Help Calendar

select Folders

At the bottom you can subscribe to the old-folders folder by selecting the folder and then selecting subscribe…or something like that

refresh your page to see the folder