Mail directory

I have a single email with a couple .docs attached that has become immovable. When I try and delete it or move it from webmail or thunderbird, I get an error saying it can’t be moved because there’s no room or I don’t have write permissions. If I try to move it to a local folder via thunderbird, thunderbird hangs trying to download it. I can still view it thunderbird, though.

I would like to find where this email is hidden so I can delete it manually. Is this possible?


You should be able to find the E-mail in the maildir directory… If this is an E-mail address for a full user, just log in with that user to shell or FTP, and you should be able to track it down. If it’s a mailbox with out a user, I suspect you can access the folder somewhere, but I don’t know where.

Is your E-mail box or user at it’s storage limit? If that’s the case it might be simple to just up the storage so you can work with the E-mail from T-bird of webmail.


This is not a full user’s account nor a problem with an account limit. I’ve deleted a bunch of emails lately and cleared the trash folder. I should have abou 40M of space. When I look in the Maildir, it is basically empty.