Mail Delivery: Mail caught by Spam

Hi there,
Well, it is pertinent to reach out the potential business opportunities. The only problem that I have been facing, despite repeated attempts, how to ensure that my mail hits directly into the main folder of respondents. i.e it doesn’t caught by the spam. Therefore, how to ensure mail delivery to the right person on right time? I just wanna confirm, what strategy you guys use, that is affordable, reliable and fast.

I use DreamHost mailservers and add some extra TXT records to the domain.

Log in to the DreamHost Panel and navigate to Advanced DNS:

  1. Domains → Manage Domains
  2. Click DNS under the domain name


  1. Domains → Websites
  2. Click the globe icon in the domain row ( :globe_with_meridians: )

and scroll down to the Add a custom DNS record to domain.tld: form.

Name: ‎ ‎ ( leave blank )
Type: TXT
Value: v=spf1 mx -all

Click on Add Record Now

Some other keys that are worthwhile adding:

Name: _adsp._domainkey
Type: TXT
Value: dkim=all

Name: _dmarc
Type: TXT
Value: v=DMARC1; p=none; sp=none; rua=mailto:admin@domain.tld!10m; ruf=mailto:admin@domain.tld!10m; rf=afrf; pct=100; ri=86400

When setting the above keys pay attention to the _underscores that are present in the record name and exchange admin@domain.tld for your domain mail administrator email address.