Mail Daemon Blocking Email

Hey purveyors of fine web hosting and authors of most excellent newsletters.

Your mail Daemon has a tendency, in it’s desire to keep us safe and cozy, to shut off all our email accounts. The first time, I suspect, we had an over jealous employee attempting a password recovery whereby the Daemon interpreted her eager, fast-fingeredness as a hacking attempt. The second time, beats me… No one did anything we can thing of.

Is it possible, can you please, pretty please, when this happens, script an email alert letting our Admin know that you have cut us off? With each event we have sacrificed multiple hours to the troubleshooting gods. Now, we love ritualistic abuse as much as the next small business, but we can only take so much of a good thing.

We hope your Daemon will share a little love with us in the future.

Keep up the good work and even more importantly – keep up the great newsletters.