Mail connecting okay, but nothing coming through?

Anyone else having this problem? I can connect fine to email, send mail, etc, but mail I was expecting isn’t coming through. This includes test emails I sent from several other accounts, automatic emails from PayPal and my shopping cart when orders are placed, emails that friends say they’ve sent, etc.

Seems like this started happening somewhere around 2pm-ish Eastern, but I can’t be sure.

Just curious if anyone else is seeing this problem. I wonder if the emails will eventually come in, or if they’re just lost.

(Btw, I did send a support ticket, and I did see the post about the filtering queue, but I’m not using filtering.)

I’ve noticed that some incoming test messages I sent myself from other accounts have been delayed for several hours and at least one message was lost.

Sometimes you can think a message is lost but it is sitting safely on one of the email clusters. Then a while later it pops up in your email client.

After the spam of course. :slight_smile:


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Looks like they are delayed and not lost… but some came in delayed over 8 hours.

And it has now been 43 hours since I put in my support ticket with no response. I can understand more than a 24 hour support wait when there are tons of tickets out, but there were only about 300 when I put mine in. But, on the bright side, at least mail hasn’t been getting lost during that time.