Mail client leave mail on server?

FYI: Apple, one desktop (10.3) and one laptop (10.4).

I have two dreamhost’ed email accounts whose messages I would like to check via, leave them on the server allowing for the machine that didn’t access the IMAP to dowload them at a later time. Right now which ever machine gets to the message first, gets the message. I don’t care if the message sits on there for a week, as long as both machines get to put it in their db.

I have no options in AFAIK so I think it must be an administrative option in my DH mail settings?.. right? Please help!


This is a non-issue if you’re using IMAP. All your mail will always be stored on the server.

If you’re using POP3, the option you’re looking for in Apple Mail is in Preferences -> Accounts -> Advanced.

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Thanks for the clarification. I just came to the conclusion that every time one or the other applies a “Rule” to a message and moves it out of the inbox, the other machine loses access to the email as it is not on the server anymore.

I need to effectively sync my Mail folder contents.

off I go for a solution…

Thanks again.