Mail Bug

Is anyone else having major mail retrieval problems since the migration? All of a sudden, out of the blue, I can’t retrieve mail from one of my five domains. I’m using Outlook Express on a Macintosh, and unfortunately, it’s my primary domain’s mail that’s affected.

Does anyone know why I can still check mail from all of my other domains, when they all apparently run through the same servers?

The problem seems to be specific to only the one domain, via Outlook Express. Netscape retrieves mail from that domain just fine. Unfortunately, Netscape only lets me retrieve mail from one account. I have about 10 different accounts. I need to use a manager like Outlook, which lets me check all of my accounts at once. Is there another email manager out there with similar features?

If anyone has any advice - or even if you just want to share experiences, please contact me.

i’m guessing the problem isn’t with your domain itself - our mail system doesn’t really think in terms of “domains” - there’s a username (or usernames) that mail to that domain is directed to, and there’s a hostname (server name) that relates to that domain (generally

most likely one of the settings in your email client for that particular account is incorrect or outdated; you may want to contact support and let them know the exact settings you’re using for that account.

i believe Mac OE is supposed to be a little better than the PC version, but i would still recommend using a better mail client. on OSX, is supposed to be really nice. mozilla mail (and netscape 6 as well) allows multiple accounts. eudora is another good suggestion.

Thank you, Will. I realize I didn’t post everything related to the problem. If I had, you’d know your guesses are unfortunately off mark. It’s only mail to one of 5 domains that is affected, and mail to all 5 domains all apparently run through the same server. I have not changed any account settings in my email manager, nor changed any passwords with Dreamhost, since before the problem began. Furthermore, very sporadically I am able to download rather than garnering error alerts, but only for a few hours before the problem begins again.

However, some good news. So far (again without changing anything at all) my mail has all downloaded just fine for almost 48 hours. Crossing my fingers.

Thanks for all the responses. You’re all good eggs.

Thanks! I’ve never tried Eudora, though I know of it. I’m glad to know about its capabalities, in case more problems arise.