OSX 10.6.4


I cannot for the life of me get this working, and the DH wiki on stops at OS 10.5

I’ve read conflicting reports about incoming mail servers. Some say to use “” while others say to use the email server name instead; ie “”.

Neither of these work for me, and I’ve been searching for weeks trying to find any information.

I’m also using IMAP as that kinda connects. (as in, I’m able to read one message, but there’s now 38 copies appearing in my inbox). POP is one big error fest.

Anyone have any insight?



I did my setup in 10.5 and didn’t tweak it for 10.6. It should be and I use IMAP on the default port.


I’ve been using since OSX 10.0 and it’s always been super easy setup. But ever since 10.6 I’ve never been able to connect to my mail servers no matter what setup I’m using (IMAP/POP/servers etc)[hr]
Discovered the issue, and I feel ridiculous for it.

Your incoming mail username is your FULL EMAIL ADDRESS. Not just your “user” name.

So it should be:

NOT: username