Mail App Not Working

Last night Mail was working perfectly, as it has for many years. This morning not working. Nobody touched my computer. I did not Install or Delete anything. Did NOT make ANY changes to anything at all.

I use DeamHost for my Web Host and E-mail Service. I have contacted DreamHost Tech Support three times today already. I’m in the Chat Room again, but they cannot help me. They have no clue what is wrong.

I’ve tried their suggestions to Reset the Password several times. Still Mail is not working.

I even set a Different Password for each E-mail Address, but still not working.

I can send myself a message from my Mail App and receive it in my Mail App, BUT I cannot receive E-mail from somebody else to my Mail Application.
Sent a Message from both Hotmail and Yahoo to my Mail App, but did not receive either message.

I really need to Resolve this Issue soon … I depend on my Mail App for All of my Important E-mail (Business, Familly, Friends, Personal)


– Jim
Well, looks like DreamHost cannot help me, so I’m stuck between a rock and a hard spot … They claim the Issue is an Apple Problem …

I hope that somebody will recognize this issue and be able to help me find the Solution … Hopefully very soon …

My email has also been working fine on my iPhone and Apple desktop mail app, but both stopped working today after no changes on my part. Being that there was a serious webmail outage today, this is clearly something that was caused by dreamhost.

I am getting a “connection to storage server failed” error. The twitter feed says this issue is fixed. It is not for me as of 4:33pm PST

Edit: The issue is resolved as of 5:25

Have you contacted DreamHost Tech Support yet … ???

I have posted this issue on 13 Different Forums, including DreamHost and Apple Discussions, but no Solutions yet …
DreamHost is telling me the problem is not on their end. My ISP, Charter, gives me the same story. My experience has ALWYS been this same old excuse, “Not my fault.” “You fix it yourself, it’s your problem!” I seriously doubt if the issue is with Apple (Mail).

My Mail (Mac) has been working flawlessly for years. When I check the Mail Connection Doctor, I don’t get any Connection Errors. Here is the Message I get:

“Connection Status: Mail was able to connect to the Internet.”

“Connection and login to server succeeded.”

Finalll Resolved the Issue … !!! As I suspected, it was something incredibly Simple … !!!

To the right of each E-mail Account in Mail, there was a “Tilde” sign to the right, indicating that there is something wrong with that E-mail Address.

Finally, DreamHost Escalated my Issue to a higher-up Tech Support. After trying many things, most of which I had already been trying with other Techs all day long, finally the Tech told me to right click on the Tilde, and choose

“Take Account Online”

which worked for five of the accounts, but still had issues with the last account, which finally got working.

So what could have been the cause for this Problem to Happen?

I know that somebody did hack into my E-mail Account, because the first Tech this morning gave me some of the characters to my Password (very long Password), but those characters did NOT match up with my Password!!!

Has anyone run into an E-mai Hack like this one … ???

Are you saying that Support had access to your email password?

Yes, Tech Support (DreamHost) has direct access to my E-mail Accounts, and they know exactly what my Passwords are!

I also recently became aware that support can log into our email accounts. I wasn’t aware if they were using my password or if they had other means to authenticate.

Regarding the account going into an offline state in your client. Typically when clients do that is when they receive a type of failure that they don’t think will recover and they go into offline mode and quit trying. I’m curious if this problem occured this past week, specifically did it start Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday morning? I had problems with email on two iPhones getting mail. Support tested the account each time and reported no problems. They suggested changes I should make to my iPhone settings, but I refused for four reasons: the setting they wanted me to change didn’t affect getting mail (it was an SMTP port), I had been using the settings as is for over a year with no adjustments, the problem started on 2 different iPhones at the same time, and the fourth and final reason, the suggestion was contrary to information provided in the dreamhost wiki. All in all we did on Monday finally reach meaningful dialog on the topic, but the problem magically went away. Support told me they didn’t do anything to fix it, however I think connections were being blocked in some way, perhaps IP based because if using wifi there was no problem, and then the connections were restored.

[quote=“LakeRat, post:8, topic:59806”]I also recently became aware that support can log into our email accounts. I wasn’t aware if they were using my password or if they had other means to authenticate.

But they’ve sworn seven ways from Sunday that they don’t store passwords in plaintext anymore.

My E-mail problem started Wednesday morning, April 17th. My Mail (Mac Mail App) has always worked flawlessly (with only very minor issues). I did not make any changes to anything, and nobody touched my computer.

So something happened … Either a hack, glitch, or something …

Somebody did hack my E-mail Password though, which is strange … I have reset the Password, and now have a different Password for each of my six E-mail Addresses.

Soon, I will change all of my Passwords for everything, so everything will have a different Password, with the maximum characters … .