IMAP config with SSL

How do I configure for my IMAP account with SSL? Before checking the SSL box in “Server Settings,” sending and receiving worked fine. Now I can receive but not send.

Here’s the setup.

-Outgoing Mail Server: (, I assume)
-Server port: (587? 993?)
-Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
-User Name: (mine)
-Password: (mine)

Essentially, what’s my outgoing mail server, port, and authentication method?

Dreamhost, for reasons unknown, does not yet support SMTP over TLS/SSL. Uncheck that box and it should work fine.

Of course, by “fine”, I mean “fine, if you don’t care that your password will be sent over the wire in plain text”. If your ISP offers SMTP over SSL (or doesn’t require SMTP AUTH at all), you should probably continue using their mail server to send mail. That’s what I’m doing.