MagickWand Setup Help

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I want an image resize to occur upon file upload, and was wondering if someone could explain the setup procedure for MagickWand for PHP. Every time I follow the installation instructions and attempt to install it via shell I get “usr/local/bin/phpize: line 57: aclocal: command not found”

I am totally new to ImageMagick, and am also wondering the differences/advantages of MagickWand versus calling an exec() command in PHP.

Thanks in advance.


BTW, I’m new to using graphics libraries with PHP (Any suggestions would be helpful).

For those of you using image manipulation libraries, is MagickWand for PHP installed on Dreamhost, or should I just run the exec() function to call ImageMagick shell commands? I’m not sure which of these two methods is ideal, but I’m assuming I don’t have access to install imagick or MagickWand without compiling my own version of PHP5 locally.

Out of curiosity, does anyone know if GD graphics library is installed? I suppose netPBM is installed, however the comment on makes me wonder why I can call an exec().

I want to upload the images to a temporary location via form and move them once the image has been finalized. The upload_tmp_dir value is unset and it appears that I don’t have access to the php.ini file. I’ve tried:

ini_set(“upload_tmp_dir”, “/tmp”);

but this still appears unset when I call phpinfo(). Does this mean I have to install my own version of PHP?