MagickWand/ImagMagick for PHP

For the past week I have been attempting to get ImageMagick to work with PHP. I have tried installing both the MagickWand and Imagick extensions but I’ve had no success.

For MagickWand I have followed all the instructions found and the main problem is that I cannot phpsize anything. I then installed a custom version of php in my home directory according to dreamhost’s wiki instructions. This didn’t get me any closer to getting magickwand working. Everytime I try to phpize it i get a “Cannot find autoconf. Please check your autoconf installation and the $PHP_AUTOCONF
environment variable is set correctly and then rerun this script.
” error.

Not being able to obtain any sort of real support from customer service or the wiki I looked to see if there were instructions to get any other extension working. I found instructions for PHPLib, followed them and was able to get that working. When I tried applying the same steps to Magickwand I quickly failed due to the fact that I can’t seem to produce from the install.

If anyone has any idea on how I could get this working please reply… I’ve almost gotten to a point where I’m going to change platforms(from php to ruby) just because the Rmagick extension works fine. Thanks in advance.

I’m not sure whether you have seen this. Hope you can get some idea from this article

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yeah I know I can do it with just running exec but Magickwand and Imagick provide an easier interface for using it. I really dont want to have to write my own class for handling all the different ImageMagick commands. Thanks for the suggestion though.

Did you (or anyone) figure this out? I, too, would like very much to use one of ImageMagick’s PHP extensions – PECL’s imagick in my case – but am getting the same error. If I do “pecl install imagick”, it tells me “Cannot install, php_dir for channel “” is not writeable by the current user.”

If anyone has any ideas, I’d really appreciate it!!!

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i got a bit farther than you did. but i am still not able to get the PHP extension working. its killing me to. hopefully, if you get around the autoconf problem then you can help me get around my issue.

you need autoconf in your PATH.

heres the easy solution i found. go to:

which is a dreamhost wiki page to install the ZIP extension. while you may not care about the zip extension, after you have run this script, you will end up a with a source/bin dir that has autoconf and automake in it.

then, you want to export PATH=/home/{username}/source/bin:$PATH and run your phpize again.

that should get you past that problem.

The next problem I run into is in the ./configure script (didn’t get far did I):
checking Wand-config in default path… configure: error: Cannot locate configuration program Wand-config

I have then installed Imagick from source and got myself a bin dir at ~/local/bin/ with Wand-config and other nice files in it. So I add the option:


i get past that error and finally get stuck at the very next line:

checking for magick-wand.h header file… configure: error: Cannot locate header file magick-wand.h

And from there, I am complete unable to get any farther.

Any help from anyone would be appreciated. Especially DreamHost staff.