Made mistake - but still desire DH hosting



When I signed up for my first Dreamhost account a week or so ago, I entered a domain name. (I am going to use a fake name for this forum example.)

So on my account signup at DH, I signed up for domain . Then I fiddled with the control panel for a bit, learning the DH schema. is a functional site registered and hosted elsewhere. I chose only to host it with DH – it is registered elsewhere. But, I have not done anything but fiddle with the control panel.

Now this was a purchase for 2 years, and I still desire to host a domain at DH. But having thought more about how I want to set up this thing, I realize it was a mistake to type in that first signup page.

I have now registered elsewhere a new domain name, . That is the domain that I want to host at DH, now that I have thought better of how I wish to lay out my domains.

How can I accomplish – well, a full “reset” – of my DH account with domain name ? Without needing to cancel my account and start all over again, I mean. I feel certain that DH can accomplish this for me. My transaction ID was 1670506 .


wanting to host at Dreamhost


just delete any users/mail/domains you currently have. Add a new user and domain and your good to go.


Actually, you can accomplish this yourself quite easily from within the admin panel :slight_smile:

In the instructions below I am assuming that you did not initiate a registration transfer of during the sign-up procedure, but merely specified that domain as one you would like to host here at DreamHost.

Firstly, remove from the DreamHost system by going to Domains -> Manage Domains in the panel and clicking the small [X] next to (in the Domain column).

Now you can add to the DreamHost hosting system. On the same panel page as above, click Add New Domain / Sub-Domain. Enter in the Domain to host: text box and click Fully Host This Domain Now!

This is all you need to do on the DreamHost end, but you will need to configure the DNS for to point at the DreamHost DNS servers. To do this you will use whatever configuration utility your registrar provides and set the DNS servers to the following;

After you have done this it will take a day or so before the new DNS information propagates around the Internet and your domain is fully usable.


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Don’t forget that you can host as many domains as you want under one plan a Dreamhost, with no extra cost.



I think the other posts showed how to delete it–and rlparker’s points out that you don’t need to.

I’m not clear on whether you don’t want to host the first domain here at all, or you just didn’t know you could have more than one.

I’m assuming that at no point have you transferred a registration here, or used the free one to pick a new domain name? If not, you still have that available.

But as far as hosting goes, you can host as many domains here as you like, regardless of where they’re registered. And if you choose to use the free domain credit for a new domain, or a transfer, you can always change those nameservers if you decide you don’t want that domain hosted here for some reason.

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Thanks to everyone. Using your guidance, I was able to learn much more about how DH configures their account scheme. I’ve been able to accomplish this goal after the mistake was made initially.

One question: I assume these forums are hosted on DreamHost servers. Why are these forums so slow? I have a 10.0 mbps download speed, usually d/l faster than 6.0 mbps on average. Sometimes when I click on a page view here (go from the login to the forum list, for example; or clicking from the Forum Names list to a listing of the threads inside one of those forums) … it can take 2+ minutes for the event to conclude and appear on my screen. Thanks for any further insights!


I’m definitely not a fan of this forum software, but I’m not having any speed problems and I’m only on a DSL connection.

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Neither am I, and if I’m lucky i’ll break 1MBPS. And for the record, I’m not a fan of forum software in general.

Yes, I have an opinion.

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The only time I have performance troubles is when I’m connected through my cell phone. Then I deserve it.



Yes you do. If you wanna make a phone call, use your cell. If you wanna brows the forums, get to a computer. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, I have an opinion.

Get a minimum 50% off with the “haveadreamyday” promo code, and… have a dreamy day. Original, no?


I tried accessing this forum using my son’s PSP once, it wasn’t a pleasant experience (on-screen keyboards suck :slight_smile: ).

As for speed; The forum is (mostly) fine here through my DSL connection. It is not as fast as some local forums I frequent, but being half a world away, I wouldn’t expect it to be.


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Note the word “through”. The Treo’s browser isn’t the most capable one out there and unless it’s set up for “stupid browsers” most pages don’t work well.

In this case, I was connecting through my cell phone with my laptop. It’s about twice as fast as dialup. I just tend to forget that dialup sucks.