Made a account with a domain

I made an account with domain about 40mins ago its 11.23 eastern. How long does it take for the DNS to start me to I can view my site, I also have one sundomain. Please reply…this is for a skool project.

The top-level domains ordinarily rebuild their databases every afternoon. It generally takes 2 to 3 days for domain names to propagate to all the domain name servers throughout the internet.

If you set up your domain name in your c:\windows\hosts file (or /etc/hosts file), you should be able to access your own domain as soon as Dreamhost has it set up (even though nobody else can.)

Be sure to delete that entry as soon as regular DNS kicks in, though, because otherwise someday Dreamhost will change your IP, and everybody but you will be able to see your website; and you’ll tear your hair out trying to figure out why…

Another little trick is to use the DNS server your given to put into your domain admin area. Since it sounds like you bought the domain at the same time, they already did that stuff for you. Basically, in your network settings you can specify dns servers, these are the servers that the computer goes to look up your domain. So all you do is set it to the same thing the primary nameserver is set too. I believe it is Ping that address to get the IP, then enter that IP into your DNS settings, make sure it’s the first in the list and it’ll be working within a day.

Todd Eddy

however this is not the greatest idea, since we may not always be allowing recursion to outside queries (which means you’d only be able to look up information that’s already in our cache and / or domains we host) – this will cause you problems looking up other domains.

this might work as a temporary solution, but is almost guaranteed to cause problems long term if (when) you forget to change it back in a few days.