Maddd borked around here

sheesh major probs here today :frowning:

Yep. The database server my domains are hosted on grinded to a halt (as usual). Seems to be par for the course lately for DH.

i wonder what the actual up (down) time has been the past few months. i would love to see those stats.

DH please look into quality control, instead of just trying to broaden your costomer base.

No one seems to have hard numbers, but the general consensus is that the uptime is not up to industry standards. Otherwise DH would advertise a certain uptime and make stats readily availible.

And the quality issues seem to have been going on for the past 3 or so months with no response from DH.

This is actually surprising since DH relies on word-of-mouth advertising, and this isn’t good for them.

One of my domains is relatively important to me, so I don’t see myself signing up with DH again if these problems persist.

Zzzzzz… still can’t even login to the panel or anything. I don’t want to have to move all my sites again, sigh. I just got moved in here.

I like how the database running the message board works fine. Apparently that’s more important than all of the customers data?

Seems to be okay now, in that the websites/databases appear to be back online.

Now, anyone missing some mail?

While I can’t confirm that someone specifically has tried to send me anything in the past 1.5 hours, I average at least 10 spam messages an hour, plus all my mailing list subscriptions, etc. My inbox shows the last received message from 1.5 hours ago. Curious…

panel still screwed

well there’s nothing up and running about my sites, meanwhile i am paying out the … for google clicks. i don’t want to pause all my campaigns, because i have had a good momentum going. i am so unhappy with dh now. this has definitely been going on for several months and i guess i need to move on…that is such a hassle though!