Machine move breaks Jabber server

Argh! I’m sure this has happened to me before. Can’t it be fixed? I get a message such as:

This message is just a quick note to inform you that your account has been moved from narcissus to sektor. If you did not request this move, do not fret. It is just part of our efforts to spread load and make your hosting experience more pleasant. Keep in mind that if you have been accessing your account by going to (which has never been the correct method) that this will stop working. You should always access your account by logging into your domain instead. This should not affect any of your services, but should you notice any problems, please contact support at

Well I am fretting, and this has affected my services. When my account gets moved, for some reason the Jabber server stops working. It doesn’t even reply to the initial server query.

Is there some (permanent) fix for this so it doesn’t keep happening?

(Yes, the Dreamhost robot did say it got my email, but no reply yet from support)


If all of your references have been by your domain name you should be OK but it might be possible they missed jabber. Your support request should take care of it.

Or if you’d like they can leave you on the server that was going to cause you trouble…


I don’t want downtime and to have to raise a support request every time they decide to move my account.


I think you’re the first I’ve ever heard of someone being moved without begging and pleading on the owners part. (Well, of course hardware failures happen too, but not to a differently named machine).