Mac User

Just curious, are there any known bugs with dreamhost and mac users? Also any problems with actionscript files?

I’m not a Mac user… but it seems like a lot Dreamhost honchos, employees and customers are, so I think you’d be okay.

Is there a specific Mac-related problem you’ve had with other hosts?

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To my knowledge, the stabibility of server much depends on the setting on the server side but not the client side.

And I think that is why all web servers provide a web-based panel.

Anyway, I am not using MAC. I’ll suggest you to register a free WebID and try out DH panel.

DH panel guarantee 97 days money back if you pay using Google Checkout or Credit Card. You can always try it out. As what DH says, if you find out DH is not suitable for you, they will always do a refund for you.

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thanks for the info folks