Mac OSX mail will not EVER save my sent messages

my incoming / outgoing mail servers are set to what i’m guessing they should be, though mac OSX mail will NEVER save my sent messages. furthermore, when i try to view the sent messages, i get an error:

"Mail was unable to open this mailbox on the server “”.

The server error encountered was: Mailbox does not exist, or must be subscribed to."

Do I have to make a new mailbox on the server, for saving sent messages? If so, how do I do that?

This is really really obnoxiously confusing.

Have you read the Wiki article? You can ignore the Certificate part and jump down to the account settings. I connect to and don’t worry about the certificate mismatch.

You need to set the IMAP prefix to INBOX, then go through the step of selecting the Sent folder and then “Use this folder for…” setup as outlined in the wiki.


If you have followed the guide and added your account to Mail Prefs, you can select the folder you want to use for sent mail. Select the Mailbox menu => Use This Mailbox For => Sent.

I would say you probably have an error in your account settings in Mail. I’m using Mail with DreamHost and I don’t get that error.

I am having the exact same problem. I’ve done the correct settings in Advanced and I have set the folder to be used as the Sent. I still get the error noted above.