Mac Mail doesn't move messages out of inbox

I’m having an issue with webmail for my domain and using it with Mac Mail on my computer. I’ve got everything hooked up correctly–I can send and receive email. But, when I try to move email out of my inbox on Mac Mail, whether it be through deleting the message or trying to move it to a folder, the email remains in the inbox on the webmail client on DreamHost. However, a copy of the email is still put into the mailbox that I’m trying to move it to. So I’d like it to work so that when I delete a message out of my inbox on Mac Mail, the email is also removed from the inbox in the online webmail client. However, all of this works correctly on iOS mail. I’ve already gone into Mac Mail and selected the appropriate DreamHost folders to use as the Sent/Trash/Spam mailboxes, but this still hasn’t resolved the issue.