.M3U files on Dreamhost

Hello, how does dreamhost treat .m3u files? I have a mp3 here http://www.motiondnb.co.uk/audio/motion-mescaline.mp3 on my site with easyapace. I also have a m3u on the site here http://www.motiondnb.co.uk/audio/mescaline.m3u which is supposed to point to the mp3 and start playing it but as u can see its a page of text. I have the same m3u on my mates site here http://www.filtersmultimedia.com/preview/motion_online/audio/mescaline.m3u which points to the mp3 and works. Will it work on Dreamhost?

I downloaded your files and placed them on my server, then went to the link. for the m3u file. In Internet explorer it launched Real Player. In firefox it asked if I wanted to download the file. (that’s the same for your friends site)

If you’re going to sign up with Dreamhost you could follow my Referal Link so that I get credit for your signup.

Anyways, hope this answers your question.