Lyceum Project - Multiple WP Problem

I am attempting to install Lyceum, a project created by the folks over at that allows for multiple Wordpress instances (similar to the WPMu project, but streamlined with less server load and some additional functionality).

But now I’m stuck. I am not terribly bright when it comes to the ins and outs of things like the documentroot and mod_rewrite, and keep getting a “Page isn’t redirecting right” warning when trying to surf to the installation script.

Has anyone had any success with installing Lyceum? Can they let me know how to correctly setup the define(‘WEBROOT’, ‘/’); and define(‘MAINDOMAIN’, ‘’); to correctly redirect these requests under a Virtual Hosting account here at DH? I’ve tried a variety of ‘…/home/username/’ or ‘/home/username/’ or ‘’ with leading dots and trailing slashes, without any luck (of course, entering in my username and domain accordingly). Do I need to fool around with a mod_rewrite in order to make this work?

The full instructions of what I’m attempting to do are located here:

This is a really cool program, so if anyone has any help it would be a great guide to add to the wiki for future users. Thanks in advance for your advice.

Sorry, I figured it out. You need to edit what Web Directory the hosted domain points to, by editing the Web Hosting preferences in the Panel. Instead of changing anything, I just changed to be located at home/username/ instead of simply home/username/ Everything else stayed the same, and the installation was easy.

I’ll take a minute in the next few days to add this to the Wiki, because I’m sure at least one other person will have a problem like I had (or maybe I’m the only one!).

If you find you need any work-arounds specific to Dreamhost, be sure to post them to the Lyceum wiki too.

I haven’t installed Lyceum here yet but I have a copy installed on my laptop for testing and I’ve been watching the developers mailing list. It looks like a really nice system so far, and will be even better as development progresses.

Another good idea for the Lyceum wiki would be a list of what Wordpress plugins, if any, you’ve got working, particularly plugins that use the database.

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