Luvin Teh Dreamhost!

I am about thrilled shitless with Dreamhost, aintchoo?

I am lovin the whole thang holistically, and I am lovin all of the beautiful little details sprinkled all through the entire experience that build it up to the pinnacle of bein such a spectacularly unique nexus between:

  • functional enablement
  • publishing freedom (both in the “speech” way, and in the manner of having such a wide variety of mediums available to you like audio and video, without havin to worry about space / transfer)
  • support of those who operate businesses in a democratic, respectful manner.
  • the deeper, greater, description defying, almost (if not) spiritual “Dreamhost Experience”!

I’ve cautiously checked it out over the last few years here and there, and kept a close eye on the company and system blogs, but for the last many months I have had my entire operation moved here to Dreamhost with the exception of one site that is light on drive space and transfer, but has much heavier CPU / RAM requirements. I use fer them and find the two hosts to be PERFECTLY complimentary fer anyone who’s needs could be similar.

I push a bit of video here though, and am very, very grateful for Dreamhost’s generosity in this regard. I am expecting a great deal more demand on my video and audio files, but not so much on the CPU / RAM, and it is wonderful to know that Dreamhost is PERFECT for that.

How awesome that out of ALL the damn penny a bushel of em web hosts out there, ONE group of guys got together and said “You know what would rock unto eternity… we should start the most git down badass web host ever to exist on the planet”.

I just thank its special, and that aint no foo to anyone who has any insight into reality (ok, aside from those poor ol curse’ed few who won the “Shitty Dreamhost Experience Lottery”… how bout a moment of silence for them, and may The Force protect their souls out there in the wastelands)!

Daniel Runyon Com

Can I look now? :smiley:


Tell us how you really feel. :slight_smile:

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