Low Priority Ticket

I put in a ticket with the lowest possible priority (suggesting a minor fix to this board) and it was answered by a human in 31 hours.

That was the reply.

I thought I would post this to give outsiders a fair analysis of DH’s support. I’ve only had to submit a few tickets since I’ve been here (and never with the highest priority thankfully) and most have been answered literally within minutes. Other people have posted different experiences, but I have been very pleased with the communication from the support staff. Maybe it is because I provide all the information upfront and always remain professional. Or maybe I just get lucky and have the “cool guys” on the staff respond to me :wink: Who knows?

Check out Gordaen’s Knowledge, the blog, and the MR2 page.

maybe you are one of the lucky ones …

Network connection issues still
Posted 0 minutes ago (August 24th, 2006 at 10:47 am PST) by andrea

The network maintenance last night went about as smoothly as it could have, without any actual downtime to any customers. Unfortunately, the ocassional slowness and downtime due to network connection issues remained for some of our customers. We’ve already opened new support cases with Cisco and our network consultant is getting more information on his.
We apologize for all inconvenience and appreciate your continued patience.

Posted in System Outages

I have not yet posted a question with the highest priority (the tongue-in-cheekily named “OMG! EXTREME CRITICAL EMERGENCY!! EVERYTHING’S BROKEN!! People are DYING!”), the middle option works well for me, and I usually get an answer within 12 hours of submitting the ticket.

Let’s hope that nobody has to use that ticket priority!

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Do not use that option else you find that all the keys of your keyboard will suddenly spring into the air and heavily armed troopers will absail from your roof and kick in your windows.

They are prompt in answering questions depending on the ticket queue I suppose.

But I echo Gordaen in that you must provide all the possible information for them to work on.

And, to be fair you should write to them in the same manner that you would expect to be written to, rather than treating them like something nasty stuck to the bottom of your shoe. They are after all only human. Well some of them are …


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MAN… I am a new user… jst got signed up…

well the highest priroity Support tickit got answered within 14 minutes… :slight_smile: coool…

the second lowest took the highest time… of only 3 hours… :slight_smile:

now may be i am a new customer thats the they r so kind to me… may be after 91 days it would change…

But at the moment to me… DreamHost customer care roocks…

Thinking => BrainPain

i have two tickets in. one is not quite the highest priority and is coming up on 24 hours being unanswered; the other is highest priority and is unanswered for close to 8 hours. ugh.

My fastest answer at highest priority was 1 minute.

DH support is good if you can describe your question in detail

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[quote]DH support is good if you can describe your question in detail


I fully agree. I have had a handful of tickets over the years, and only two or so took a week, which I didn’t mind for those particular issues. Last week I noticed that my Panel said I was using 0 kB of my disk space and opened a low-prio ticket. The day after, I had an answer from support and from an administrator about it.

If I ever need urgent help, I won’t hesitate to use a higher priority, but as long as it doesn’t matter, I have no problem being patient.

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