Love Dreamhost

I hope this doesn’t jinx me, but I absolutely love Dream Host. You guys are fast, efficient, and seem to be really on top of things. Not to mention your sense of humor, which comes in pretty handy in this business.

I’ve been so frustrated with other hosts, it is truly a pleasure and a relief to work with you. No more sitting there waiting for files to upload and no BS with service issues. I’ve transferred a few domains to DH and its been incredibly fast and easy. WOOHOO.


Nancy Timper
Timper Arts
Prescott, AZ

For the most part, that’s the prevailing sentiment here, but once in a while, stuff really blows up. In my 3 or so years here, I’ve only had one brief snafu, but it’s been generally very reliable. I use to watch my site and it hovers in the high 99s to 100% uptime. I can’t find a way to go back and get a chart of my overall history, though.


I’ve been here for a little over two years and I agree; DH so far has given me great stability and dependability and when there have been problems, they’ve been on the ball about it.

Recently, my server was running into some trouble and my sites started to sporadically experience short windows of visible downtime for no reason or rhyme.

Getting in touch with DH about it was a snap and I received prompt and courteous support from the Support Team and after sending some emails back and forth discussing the whys and wherefores of the server issue (my particular server is/was old, and some other stuff) and its impact on my account, it was decided that I would be migrated on over to another server and I was given a list of potential issues my account my suffer through during the migration and the promise that I would be kept in touch with during the process.

And I don’t doubt that. At all.

2 years have come and gone for me and I’ve sent in my share of support requests and I have never received a response that would make me doubt the strength of their support team.

For the pricing, for what’s included, for the dependability (this one downtime issue I explained above is my only ‘serious’ downtime I have experienced and it was because the server is just OLD compared to the others), for the way everything is at your fingertips, and for the support team, you really can’t go wrong with DreamHost in my opinion.

Included is a buyer’s remorse (at least, there was when I signed up), so if you do go with them and decide you don’t want to stay, you can cancel out and take your stuff elsewhere.

their customer support also reply super fast :slight_smile:

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