I am NO complaining.

I have been with DH almost 8 years, 3-4 accounts,

now 2 accounts, not important.

I “love” the emails I Get from DH that they MOVED/TRANSFERD my account to a new server.
FINE with me, I don’t care, if it works it works.

I think my accounts have been moved around about 7-10 times over the years.

I never cared, it works, it works.

All the emails I got from DH is ALWAYS:
We have moved you account … bla bla and YOU HAVE BEEN INFORMED BEFORE

DH, moved around many many times and I git informed AFTER the moved.
NEVER, before the moved, but their “YOU have been moved” email, always says you got a email about it.

Well I never got any email PRE- move , only after the move.

Why do I write this now after 7-8 years???

DH moved me again and NOW ALL SUCKS, slow and bad