Lots of Newbie Issues


I’m needing some help getting my site up and running. Here is a quick run down of my setup. I have a domain registed with Y@hoo. I’ve set it up to use the Dreamhost name servers. I also set my A and CName’s to use scipio.dreamhost.com.

I think I’m having a DNS issue. If I type http://memckimmy.com my browser whirls forever. If I type http://www.memckimmy.com I get a page can not be displayed. When I strip off the http:// for either address I get a DNS error saying no record can be found.

I’ve ftp’ed a very simple index.html file into my webfolder.

What am I missing?

Both urls work okay for me, “This is Matt & Emily’s website.”

You probably just need to wait for the DNS propagation to make it’s way all around the internets.