Lots of downtime past weeks

Is there anyone else out there with huge amount of downtime? I have been blessed with 10+ hours downtime yesterday but every day at least 2h downtime for my websites.

I try to understand what is happening and if they are trying to fix this situation, but nobody answers me though the official support channel.

The sad part is that I used to love DreamHost. The support used to be great, the Control Panel is the best evar. Now that, and my user experience has never been lower. What am I doing? Slowly migrating things offsite to later on decide what to do.

I know I am only one more costumer, but I am really sad with this situation.

I’ve been really fortunate with 100% uptime many times, and 99+ the rest of the time.

Without response from support, there’s no telling what the problem is. Is your server listed in any of the outages? The most often cause of outages is some other user killing the server, and until that can be worked out, the best you can do is submit a ticket each time and hope they move you to a more reliable server. Why not just make such a request right now?



Thanks a lot for you prompt reply. I have tried everything you can imagine. A lot of support tickets, and the problems are all solved temporarily and then another outage, then another outage.

The worst part is that before this events, I used to be a very happy costumer, very excited about support quality and the features provided.

None of the servers I use are listed as being out. Here is the list:

Your File Servers:
Your Web Server:
Your Email Server:
Your MySQL Server:

I wish I had a good outcome out of all this. I still have faith in DreamHost and hope things get better soon.

Thank you!