Lots of 500 Internal Server Errors

I’ve noticed over the last week or so that I’ve been getting a lot of 500 errors when I do certain things with my mt.cgi page on my Movable Type blog. Usually when I’m rebuilding entries or deleting comments. Anyone else notice this or can offer any suggestions for things to look at. Is this a DreamHost issue or more likely something on my end?

Have you checked your error.log file to see if there are any error messages? It could be that MT is spitting out an error instead of a web page, if you see the lines “premature end of script headers”.

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I’ve been noticing this too. At first what caught my eye was failures in Movable Type, which led me to think there was something wrong with that app (I just upgraded to 3.32).

But then I noticed that if I shell in, start up vi and walk away, when I come back vi has been “Killed”, presumably by an admin or an automated process.

This leads me to wonder if DH isn’t just killing processes that are long-running (like MT rebuilds) to free up server resources… I hope not, as the threshold seems to be so low as to make the service unusable.