Lots of 404s

My WP-site at cultofguitar.com is getting a lot of 404s. Basically, about every third page i go to. For instance, if i refresh a page to see changes i’ve made, i’ll get a 404 every few tries - for the same working URL. What could be the cause?

The first thing I notice is that your site takes super long to load. Are you running a zillion plugins? Something’s definitely broken since it takes thirty or so seconds for a page to load. Just the resource listing along for a page uses resources from all kinds of external sources (disqus.com, facebook, google, gigya, etc).

Turn that stuff so you only have to deal with your own site for troubleshooting. Actually, turning off those resources might just clear things up for you.

I am using a couple dozen plugins. I’m still piecing this site together so i’ve been testing things out. I’ll see what happens when i deactivate them. Thanks!