Lost without a CP



I’m having trouble wrapping my brain around the VPS service here. Past hosts would create the VPS and I’d set it up with the Control Panel on that server. (i.e. Plesk)
With this VPS, I haven’t really seen my new server yet. Apparently I’m supposed to use the website to make things happen on the server like users and domains and MySQL DB’s.

My normal process of moving a PHP/MySQL site:
Create the domain, create an empty DB
Use MySQL Admin or command line to import the database dump.
use FTP to push the site to the server.
Run/configure the site locally using IP since the real site is still running on the old VPS.
When I’m happy, I go to my registrar and point to the new DNS addresses for the new VPS.
And throughout I could peruse the filesystem of the server through Plesk.

Here there seems to be a bunch of shared stuff going on. So what’s the process using this VPS setup? If I add a domain, it seems to want it to be registered. And if I add MySQL DB, is that on some shared server or on my VPS? Baffling. If anyone can suggest steps to setup a copy of a site without breaking the existing one, then switching over when ready… that would be great. Or maybe I just need a different service that will launch the VPS and hand over the keys like I’m used to.

Thanks, MJC.


Theoretically everything can be done through shell without the use of the control panel once everything has been set up domain wise. MySQL work here a bit differently on Dreamhost as as you mentioned, they are “shared” on a single (or multiple) machine… see it as a dedicated mysql server that dreamhost owns and your SQL is being added into that.

So, everything you wish to connect to your SQL databases that you create through the DH control panel, you need to enter the host as well that you also fill in in the CP (eg, localhost does not work around here).

As for plesk… I never used that before, but I’m using the free control panel webmin which works just fine.


Thanks for the reply… I could handle most of that, but to create a DB you have to have a registered domain using their DNS. So the plan of “get it running then switch DNS to the new VPS” won’t work. I would have to repoint DNS to the bare server, then import the DB, meaning a blackout for the sites/forums.

I’ll poke around and see if I can make it work, but looks like maybe a $15 failed experiment. Current VPS is working but with a 5 yr old OS. I’m not killing all my sites one by one for migration just to save $5 and get an updated OS. I’ll probably keep shopping for hosts with a more self contained VPS product.

  1. "5 year old OS?” Linux if far older than that. Granted it’s nothing but a faux Unix, which makes it even older.

Did you mean version? If so, just because something is old, does NOT mean it’s “bad,” “insufficient,” or “insecure.” IBM has O/Ss that have been around for 6+ decades that are more stable, secure, and efficient than anything you or I can get.

  1. “self contained VPS?” That would the regular hosting service.

It sounds like you are upset that you can’t get a lower price, AND keep the services you WERE paying for.

Have you considered installing a control panel?