Lost my Wordpress site - HTTP 500 Internal Server Error


I installed the phpBB software and created a DB for a forum and afterwards my Wordpress site no longer shows up. I just get the HTTP 500 Internal Server Error

I deleted the phpBB DB thinking and restored the wordpress DB from 7hrs ago but still get the error?

please help.


Did phpBB make changes to your .htaccess? That would easily do that.

Also where did you install phpBB? In a subfolder?


I installed phpBB under the wordpress DB in the sub dir /forum
Wordpress DB was installed at the root of my domain.

I can no longer access the wp-admin of Wordpress…is that what you mean by .htaccess? Sorry, this hosting site and WP are new to me.


cthulhuworldcombat.com seems to have WordPress in the folder /wp (cthulhuworldcombat.com itself is just a directory listing) and that doesn’t actually seem to have anything installed.

Did you delete things?


Yes I’ve been trying to get things working. FTPd everything down and wiped out everything except the WP db. then reinstalled WP in the sub dir /wp and linked it to the existing DB. am trying to get Concrete installed in a /concrete sub dir also(since i had bad luck with phpBB).
Do i need to kepp WP in the root to get it to work with the current DB?


Technically no, however you’ll have to edit the DB directly to make it work, and I don’t know if you want to do that…

If you do:

[]Edit the wp-config.php to point to that database, with your user ID and password.
]Login to phpMyAdmin for that database and locate the options table (normally named wp_options, but you they used 1-click, it will be wp_[string]_options).
[]Look for the options named home and siteurl
]Change both of these to the new URL

That should get you back up.