Lost in DreamHost... what users, files, do I have here?

I got summarily evicted from my former host a couple of months back, moved to DH fairly smoothly, and my WP blog works, but I am having difficulty figuring out where things are and how to do what. Perhaps there is a page on DH somewhere (or wordpress.org?) that explains this, but I’ve not yet found it.

Problem 1: What username/passwords do I have and how do they apply? There’s one for this forum, one for DH support, one for my WP blog itself, one for the WP database, one (or more?) for ftp access, one (or is it the same as something else?) for ajaxplorer access to my files, maybe one or two others. I may have lost one or two, but I can’t ask DH for help until I can tell them what I’m asking for. Is there a list somewhere?

Problem 2: What files do I have for my WP blog and the subdomains I brought over with it? This one I hope I can figure out by looking around once I have Problem 1 resolved. (Tho my former host had no forum and an inconsiderate eviction policy, they did have cPanel which I miss greatly. )

Thanks for any suggestions.

The most important password and account is for panel.dreamhost.com This is the equivalent of cpanel at your old site and holds all the keys to the kingdom. You then have a user which has a password and this is placed on a specific dreamhost host. Mine is tobias so on a unix machine called tobias.dreamhost.com I have a user. If I log into that user via FTP or look at the account interactively with SSH I find out that I have two main files in this account a directory called ‘logs’ and a directory called ‘mysite.com’ (or what ever your site is actually called).

Wordpress installs in this directory (mysite.com) and has lots of directories that begin with wp-(something) and some files that begin with wp-(something).

Your wordpress database is stored on a different server with it’s own username and password usually mysql.mysite.com. All of the actual INFORMATION in your blog is stored in this database. You can see the username and password in your panel account (panel.dreamhost.com).

In the wordpress database, you’ll find users and passwords that you’ve set up for wordpress. PLEASE don’t use the account ‘admin’ for your administrator account, unless it has a really strong password it will be hacked on any shared server.

as a weird sidenote, yes you have a separate account for discussion and i believe a separate account if you add to the wiki for dream host but ask me about that in 6 months to a year :slight_smile:


Thank you Bill. At least now I know what I don’t know. Got my panel password reset, I see that for some reason I have two users, maybe one is for the subdomains. I will muddle thru from this point, but the regime here in the U. S. requires that I first attend to their income tax.

The “Manage Domains” page in the panel will tell you exactly which domain or sub-domain is using which user. Look specifically at the column labeled “web hosting”