Lost features in new control panel

The newly redesigned control panel looks ok i guess but there are at least two changes which are huge down-sides from my perspective. One is the loss of the “Account status” drop-down side panel. This was very useful to get immediate summary of what’s happening with all services (which servers are up or down, what’s the name of the various servers, etc.).

Now it’s much harder or in some cases impossible to get this information. I was just interacting with chat-support trying to figure out a problem with outgoing emails. I asked where i could find the name of my mail servers and they could only direct me to look under Domains > DNS. However, the settings there for MX records do not correspond to the server names used in your status blog. So I’m left to conclude that the information in the status blog (at least regarding email servers which is one of the most commons interruptions) is not completely worthless to me since there’s no way for me to find out the name of my particular mail servers.


yeah. the new control panel is all sleek, but it seems like there is less… control. im not a huge fan. nothing seems to have been improved, only things limited or removed. for instance, the vps dashboard, the usage stats are next to worthless.

i can only hope that the new panel was rolled out early, and that they are busy re-implementing the functionality that was lost. but i suspect that taking options away and limiting what a panel-bound user can see/do greatly reduces their support overhead by limiting what a user can break or be aware of. im using nearly purely ssh and API commands, because i like it raw.