Lost emails to GoogleApp "group" addresses

Hi all,

I recently switched email for a domain I mange, from Dreamhost to GoogleApps using the DH control panel options.

I then setup a bunch of user email addresses under GoogleApps, and I setup a group address called “sales”. So "sales@mydomain.com" forwards to each user address, and the end-user can manage their own email addresses.

All well and good but, I now find that email from the website at mydomain.com, which is still hosted at Dreamhost, goes missing when it is sent to the group address “sales”.

I have a really simple test email page; I enter an email address, and it sends a test email to that address. I can enter any address, including the user addresses now managed by GoogleApps and it all works fine… BUT if I send the test to "sales@mydomain.com" then it just goes missing.

Anyone got any ideas?

I’m guessing it might help to have an SPF record on the domain… I was a little surprised DH didn’t create one when setting up GoogleApps, but DH use DKIM or something… so maybe I’m just clutching a straws!!

Any help at all would be most welcome! :smiley:


After further investigation… I can see “Delivery Status Notification (Failure)” emails in my ~/Maildir which are from Google (predictably!) and says:

Technical details of permanent failure:
Message rejected. Please visit http:///www.google.com/mail/help/bulk_mail.html to review our Bulk Email Senders Guidelines.

As I mentioned before, I thought Dreamhost were signing email with DKIM. But I can’t see any DKIM-Signature headers in the bounced message.

So right now I’m thinking I should add an SPF record in the hope that that will fix it?

*note: I’m not massively (or indeed, at all!) familiar with this stuff, so if it sounds like I’m talking non-sense, please by all means, call me out for it! :smiley:

Continuing my self-reply-o-thon™, I can view my DKIM signature via DNS in DH-control panel, but there isn’t one there for the domain in question… so I guess this is because the MX is being handled by GoogleApps?

But I’m not sure this makes sense though, since I still want my website to be able to send email from this domain!

Is there a good reason for removing the DKIM-sig when using GoogleApps? I suppose the problem would be that if DH add a DKIM signature, then any email sent from Googles servers would fail? I think. Maybe?!


Hi Peter, I have no clue but I’ll just throw this out there while you wait for someone in-the-know to respond. What I’m wondering is if it is possible to forward a Gmail account to a Group account?

If it is, you could revert your sales@ to a singular Gmail account, setup your recipient group as “salesgroup”, then using account options at Gmail have the sales@ email forwarded to “salesgroup” internally.

Might be worth a shot.

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Hi sXi!

Thanks for the reply – that might be a good solution in the short-term, so I’ll think about doing that!

Right now though, I’m investigating adding an SPF record… but the relevant Dh Wiki article specifies a load of IP addresses, although I’m not 100% sure that list is complete. One of my bounced emails is from smarty.dreamhost.com at

I’m sure any time soon one of the DH support folks will chime in! :wink:

Right… I’m just added this TXT DNS record:

v=spf1 ip4: ip4: ip4: ip4: ip4: ip4: a include:aspmx.googlemail.com ~all

Fingers crossed!

Tentatively I’d like to declare Great Success!

Email is now arriving at the GoogleApps group address, and afaik, nothing has gone missing.

Probably worth updating the SPF Wiki page with the correct IP addresses; I used slightly different addresses (see my previous post) because the current Wiki IP range didn’t seem to include smarty.dreamhost.com

I’m still confused as to if DKIM should be used… and would perhaps be a better solution? Whatever, something needs to be done, either DKIM or SPF, otherwise other people trying to use GoogleApps will loose email.

Anyways… hopefully this thread will help someone!! :smiley: