Lost email accounts


A weird thing happened to us. My wife and I have a sizable email box on our account with Dream Host. And all of a sudden I was unable to login to my email.

To my horror I found in the panel that both our email boxes are gone. Any reference we had with aliases pointing to those mailboxes were no longer pointing there either.

I have started a ticket to look into the issue. but it is weird that all of our email boxes are completely removed wihout any clue why that was done.

If I say I am not happy with this is must the understatement of the year.

Anyone else ever seen this?

Regards, Hugo.

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This happened to me last week. I don’t know what happened. My email boxes under full service were gone also - but they appeared as “forward only” which was not what I set up. When I tried to re-set up, it said that the email account was being used. Reset password 3 times. Waited 2 days before I tried to log in again. All email I had is gone. But I was able to log in…

It seems there is an issue with setting the MX records to some place else and you forget to tell them you want your email still on dreamhost.

They informed me that is intentionaly. But there is no clear warning sign that if don’t tick the box you will loose all email.

Adding a clear warning in the form is something that clearly needs to be added there.

That might also explain your problem.

Regards, Hugo.

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