Lost Connection Error


So I’m finally writing to see if somebody can help me out with this issue. Basically my wordpress with sporadically lose connection with the server in which case I am not only unable to work on my site on the admin side it also fails to load from my browser just to view the site and I am unable to connect using “Transmit” for FTP.

I’m pretty new to all this so I’ve taken some drastic measures to try to figure out the problem to no avail.

I used to use rapidweaver until I switched to wordpress. I made a wordpress site under a temporary domain name and it worked seamlessly, I wanted to move that site to me main domain and realized that that doing that wasn’t simple so in my frustration I decided to just rebuild the site under the correct domain and this is where my problems started.

I deleted everything, reinstalled wordpress… I completed the new site and it seemed to work great but then the next day the connection started to freeze. I tried deactivating plugins etc with no success. I once again deleting everything and this time started having issues before I was even finished with the home page.

I deleted everything one again and bought a whole new theme and last night once again was almost done with the homepage and it lost connection again so I left it alone for the night. This morning it was working on it for about 2 hours when it happened yet again and currently the site is still down. I can’t log into wordpress, can’t access my homepage from a browser, connect to FTP etc.

Perhaps in a few hours it will work again but obviously I’d like to figure this out. I’ve read some similar problems around the web with wordpress sites. I may have upgraded to a newer version in the midst of this problem starting, I dont remember :frowning: Any chance I should downgrade to a past version of WP?

Any help with be really appreciated


By the way my website address is www.limelighterled.com/home

Downgrading shouldn’t make a difference.

Looking at your logs, I see this error:

Premature end of script headers: admin-ajax.php, referer: http://www.limelighterled.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=8&action=edit

So that tells me while you’re editing, you’re hitting a PHP memory wall. Looking at your site, I have two possibilities that may cause it. Two plugins, js_composer and x-shortcodes. Turn them both off. Try editing a post again.

Instead of ripping everything out, when these things happen, you should always take stock of the fact it’s usually a plugin or a theme. So always the first step is to disable all plugins, and change your theme to a default like Twenty Fourteen. Just for a test. If that works, then you can be pretty sure it’s a plugin/theme, or a combination, and from then on you have to experiment with those combinations until you find the one that kills things.

Thank you thats helpful.

What threw my off was that when I originally built the site on a different domain I had no issues whatsoever. Then when I attempted to rebuild it on a new domain name I started having issues and it started freezing up relatively early on as I was building the site.

Even with the new theme that I used this time it froze relatively early on as I had started over but last night and today I’ve made a lot of progress, added a few plugins and it’s been working perfect.

So if I’ve built the site so far with these plugins is it safe to say that moving forward it shouldn’t be the current plug-ins causing problems but more likely any new plugins I add?

When I started over I was building the site much faster as I was duplicating content and I was updating and previewing the site more than usual in an attempt pinpoint at what point the issue started to occur but perhaps in fact it was the updating and previewing that was causing the problem?

Thanks Again!

I want to say yes, but the reality is that it’s usually not JUST one plugin, but the combination of the plugins, the theme, and the site usage :confused: