Lost and freaking with the wiki

I really need help. I mean, I REALLY REALLLY need help. I am sleepless for 30 hours, I can’t process any more info, I’m working too much and I can’t figure out how even to start to configure my wiki, which has to be up until Friday. I am the administrator. However, when I login (I set my own name instead of “admin”), it doesn’t accuse being welcoming the administrator. I am reading the wiki wiki and can’t understant foo. Don’t even know how to start.
I am a content person - I write. I design information content. I have NO IDEA how this thing works and I have no one physically to hellp me. If one of you could, oh… e-mail me or by any chance be available at msn or skype… I will be eternally grateful, forever and ever, amen.

Marilia Coutinho


I can tell you are frustrated, and I’d like to help. The first thing I would suggest, from my own experience in dealing with these kinds of frustrations, is that you step away from it for a bit. After 30 hours without sleep, you will not be able to meaningfully process more info…at least until you get some rest and clear your mind.

These things can be fixed and/or figured out , sometimes things make a lot more sense when you re-approach it well-rested and with a clear head.

It looks like you have managed to get your wiki installed - which is progress over where you were a few days ago, so you should be encouraged. Once you get this sorted out, and you can begin to write your content - it will be worth it, I’m sure.

Your wiki looks like it is working. If I understand you correctly, the remaining issue is you cannot login as the administrator. That can only be because the wiki is expecting a different password/user name combination than you are using, and there can be several reasons for that.

  1. CaSE iS SignIfiCant

  2. Make sure you don’t inadvertently have your “Caps Lock” key set.

  3. Review all the set-up email you received from DH regarding the “one-click” install, and any notes you made from the wiki installation process.

  4. Try again, in the clear light of a new day.

Now, I don’t suggest these things because I do not think you are intelligent; it is obvious from your website that you are - I’m just sharing what I have found to be the problem in the great majority of cases. If none of these suggestions prove useful - there is a way to manually reset a user’s password from outside the MediWiki application, and after you have had some sleep, it you still can’t get logged in, post back and we’ll look into tackling that process.


I do my dumbest work after 20+ hours…

And then I do 30+ hours of work fixing it after I get some sleep.

We’re pulling for you!