Lost access to website URL- is it possible to start over?

Sad topic for my first post, but here it is; is there any way to completely reset the Dreamhost Panel and start over? I’m completely new to this and having problems even accessing my site.

Here’s what I get when visiting my URL: http://imgur.com/bPBNhw1

I did set up an Access Management profile in Concrete5, but the username/password I created for it do not work to log in past this prompt. I get the same prompt trying to log in to Concrete5 so I cannot remove it. I have tried deleting Concrete5 and it’s associated MySQL database (which is currently sitting in the MySQL Recycle Bin) but the problem remains.

(I actually wanted to use WordPress but logging in to that lead me to a 404 Not Found error which I also don’t understand- that’s another story though)

I CAN still log in to the Dreamhost Panel and access the content therein. I just can’t do anything that helps the situation and allows me to access any part of my site in a browser.

If anyone has any suggestions I’d be very grateful. Even a nudge in the right direction would be great because no matter how much I try to read on the subject I’m definitely getting any wiser.


The prompt you are seeing is for Basic Auth. I’m not sure about Concrete5, but I’d guess you set this up in the Panel without understanding what it does. See if you have password protected your Concrete5 directory in the Panel: https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=goodies.webdav&

If you just want to start with a clean slate, create a new user in the Panel and delete the old one.

Here’s one that you might be interested. About cleaning up profiles. Good luck.


Ahh, thank you kindly both for the assistance. The problem was indeed something I’d changed in .htaccess/WebDAV. I still couldn’t access with the password I’d set up but was at least able to remove the setting. Now its scrubbed clean I can start messing things up in another new and interesting way!

Reading up on Concrete5 now as I still can’t seem to log into Wordpress. The concrete5tricks site also looks interesting.