Lost access to DreamHost panel

I tried to login to my DreamHost panel and I got a generic wrong username/password error. I clicked forgot my password but it said that there was no account associated with my email address. The PHPMyAdmin instance for my sites are down but every other service is up (Shell access, apache, my services, etc). Any reason why this might be happening? I can’t file a support ticket because I can’t get into my panel.

You can contact support using this web form https://beta.dreamhost.com/support/#support_anchor

Looks like they dropped the beta page now… which means the contact form went back to http://www.dreamhost.com/contact/

I’ve gotten no response from them since I contacted them 4 days ago. Anything else I can do?

You might possibly try changing your DNS server to (google’s DNS) either on your router or on your computer and see if that makes a difference.