Lost access to domain subfolders! HELP!



All of a sudden I seem to have lost access to some subfolders in my domains. I try to access the contents of, say, the Wordpress installation in one of my domains via FTP and it never opens! My FTP program (Transmit) just keeps “thinking” while saying “Retrieving list of files…”

When I try to establish an FTP connection through my Dreamhost panel, I get an error message that says:

You don’t have permission to open this page.
You don’t have permission to view “Macintosh HD”.

This just started for (apparently) no reason.

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!


Did you by any chance WebDAV any of those directories? Do you really have “spaces” in the directory names?



Most certainly do not have “spaces” in directory names. I assume your referring to the “Macintosh HD.” I have no idea why the Dreamhost panel would try to connect me there when I 'click on the “FTP” link under my domain control panel. I am somewhat confused as to what the hell is going on here.

What is WebDAV?


WebDAV is a remote disk drive on a webserver. You’d have to enable this from the panel.

Try setting Transmit to use SFTP instead, and make sure your user account has Shell Access. I suggest this because it’s more secure and tends to be more reliable than FTP, and it may help in this case.

What does show up when you first FTP to your account? Hopefully the Logs and Mail directories as well as your domain folders. I just want to see if you have permission to get to anything for starters.



Yes, that was what I was referring to, though I don’t think that is the source of your problem - I only mentioned it because is can make things hard later on if interacting with subdirectories in the shell. :wink:

Well, that makes at least two of us. Note that the “FTP” link uses your browser rather than an FTP client, and if you have a problem with your password, you will get permission related errors. Have you tried the “WebFTP” link from within the “domain control panel”?

If you you don’t know what it is, it is most certainly not causing your problem, as it would take some action on your part to enable it for a directory. If you are curious, you can learn more about WebDAV here. I only mentioned it because if you had enabled it, it would make your directories inaccessible via FTP, and I was trying to help you troubleshoot. :wink:



Funny that you mention WebDAV. Now that I look at it on the DH menu panel, I see that it is grouped with .htaccess. I had been sort of… blindly fumbling with an .htaccess file in the directory that is giving me trouble just before I started having issues. Although, the problem seems to have suddenly gone away! Wierd. I’ll repost here if the issue resurrects.

Thanks so much for the quick and helpful responses.